Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh Sexual Health Care Product Funny Ad Shoot From Tanmay Bhat agency

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Most unexpected collaboration of all time, Half of India’s Youth generation is surprised to see Ranveer Singh and adult film star Johnny Sins together.

Advertisement :

                This ad is made for a sexual healthcare brand called Bold Care. Also let you know Ranveer Singh is the co-founder of BoldCare. If you still didn’t see the ad then you missed the big shock. This advertisement is a parody of the Indian TV serial. it’s satirizes the entire Indian serial industry. 

              In the ad, we see the actress leaving the house because she is unhappy with her husband. the guardian of the house , which is played by Ranveer Singh him self, He asked to the girl why she is leaving and she reveals the real truth of her and her husband’s breakup in front of everyone in the house. the older members of the family naturally get angry and stop her from revealing such a private thing in front of the family. Which is usually shown in Indian serials. Where mother-in-law and her son’s wife always have a bad relationship and in this case too when the daughter-in-law of the house goes to tell the truth about her breakup with her husband, mother-in-law slaps her and because of that the actress falls from the balcony of the house. And immediately the hero of the serial who is her husband Johnny Sins jumps in to save her and the two had intercourse, And it’s shown the same way girlfriend-boyfriend love scene was shown back in the 90’s. in the same way in the ad shows a scene where a key is inserted into a lock, through which the act of intercourse is shown. Which became quite a laughing matter to the crowd becomes After the advertisement went out on social media, people started pouring in comments in the comment section of the video where big YouTubers, actors and actresses commented, not just common people but everyone, this thing became an amazing fun add and it was shared from various anonymous and famous platforms. Next Various memes were created on the video and became a trending topic on Twitter.

Making :

The advertisement is produced by Moonshot Media which is co-owned by the famous YouTuber and stand-up comedian Tanmoy Bhatt who was once the creator of the All India Bakchod YouTube channel. Also helped by other assistants from the AIB team were Puneet Chadha, Vishal Dayama, Dweep Joshi and directed by Ayyappa KM. The ad has been made from the same agency that has previously done other advertisements for Shark Tank India and Disney Hotstar . Usually this ad would not be shown on TV. makers made it so unexpected and surprising to the general public that almost no financial cost was spent on promotion. Because common people themselves share it on their status or sometimes on their social media profiles and increase its popularity. And thats called a brilliant making strategy. 

       In the ad we see two sets. The first is a Banedi Bari joint family. Usually the one we see in TV serials and within that family all the family members from in-laws to workmen relatives live in the same house. And in the second set we see a science lab where Johnny Sins is making the product. It is a parody of the characters from his adult videos where Johnny Sins plays different characters at different videos.

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